High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Today the most popular choice for home heating is the high-efficiency forced-air gas furnace.

The furnace is the hardest working appliance in your house especially during the cold Canadian winters it works 24/7 to keep your house warm.
Econ’s furnaces are 96%+ high-efficient furnace compared with older furnaces that are around 60% efficient

  • AFUE ratings 90-98%+ Indicate a High- Efficiency Gas Furnace
  • AEUF rating below 80% indicate an older, relatively inefficient furnace that costs more to run and also generates more pollution

Why Upgrade your furnace?

If your house is over 15-years old, your furnace is likely only a mid-efficient model and in need of replacement
A mid-efficient furnace means you are likely paying 40-50% more for your energy bills because mid-efficient furnaces operate at about 50-65% efficient Government rebates are around to help